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The CULTEX® LTC-C (LongTermCultivation – Continuous) was designed to automatically supply cell cultures with medium at different time intervals over longer periods of time (weeks). In such a way epithelial cells of the respiratory tract, for example, can be used for toxicological studies both in an undifferentiated and differentiated stage of cell development. Medium exchange as well as medium agitation and mixing are computer-controlled to avoid staff-dependent variations during the cultivation process.
For an optimized cultivation process with high reproducibility

The control unit is placed outside the CO2 incubator. Integrated in the control unit, there is a programmable logic controller (PLC) as well as a pump for the supply of medium to the incubator module and a pump for the removal of the medium. The pumps are located inside the control unit in a sliding cassette, the LH module (LH = Liquid Handling), where they are easily accessible for maintenance and sterilization.

The control unit is equipped with an integrated web server. Visualization of the procedures and measured data is carried out by a web browser, e.g. via a laptop computer. The controls can also be accessed via the web browser, to change settings, for instance. The computer itself does not carry out any control tasks, whereby the management of the cell cultures continues even if the computer operating system breaks down.

The fully automated CULTEX® LTC-C requires less manual work compared with standard cell culture work, saves manpower and removes the individual influence of the worker.

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